TERA Lancer Skills & Abilities Guide

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tera lancer class

Hey guys. I decided to make a short post to teach you all about lancers. I’ll explain all their skills and the best ways to use them and go into glyphs a little bit. I went over a few of these abilities in my lancer guide. This one will be more guide oriented, so let’s get started.

As a lancer at level one, you’ll be given two initials abilities. The first one is called Combo Attack. This is your basic attack that restores mana. All classes have an attack that restores mana but lancer is unique in that there’s no horizontal swing unlike warriors, Berserkers and Slayers. This means that your target has to be directly in front of you, if you want to land the hit. The damage on hit is fairly low, but the mana gain is significant given that you attack three times rather than just once. It’s also worth mentioning that the more times you use this ability in a row, the more damage it’ll do up to three times. If you can use it three times consecutively, you should do so. The mana gains are also increased for each attack in a row up to the third time.

tera lancer combo attack

Your second ability that you start out with is called Stand Fast, also known as a Block. This ability makes you raise your shield up and protects you from all incoming damage from the front at the cost of mana per hit. It’s important to note that if mobs get behind you this ability will not work. It also drains mana more quickly based on the amount of damage you are blocking. The amount of damage you can block is relative to the amount listed on your current weapon.

tera lancer stand fast skill

Another thing you want to know about Block is it will block AOE spells that hit you even if the center of the spell is behind where you were blocking. Block also has a neat ability that is limited to very few abilities in this game. Where it allows quick casting. Quick casting is when you can cue up the ability to cast immediately after you cast another spell. For example, your Challenging Shout has a cast time, but you hit your Block ability before you finish casting your Challenging Shout. The minute Challenging Shout finish casting, Block will automatically cast for you without you having to time when you hit the button. Something even more unique about the Stand Fast ability or block is that it can cancel cast. If you are in mid attack using an ability and you wanna stop, you can hit your Block ability and it’ll stop what you’re doing and put your shield up. This is very important to know for lancers, if you get caught at a bad time and need the shield up for a boss’ attack.

tera lancer challengin shout

The ability you will learn is called Shield Barrage and is your first major damage attack. This attack is good because it has multiple effects. It’s important to note that the ability is usable twice in succession. It will move you forward slightly when used, so it is a good way to move around an opponent while still doing damage. The second thing to note is that the second hit on the ability is a chance to stun your opponent. The stun is short, but there are a few ways to capitalize on it. I’ll go into that when we go over the next few abilities.

The next ability you learn is your main damage ability as a lancer is Spring Attack, more commonly referred to as your power attack. This attack is exactly like your basic attack, only it hits a lot harder but has a longer swing timer. There are certain combos you can actually you can use to remove the swing time, however. The first and easiest way to remove the swing timer is by using the ability I just mentioned, the Shield Barrage. If you use Shield Barrage twice and then use Spring Attack, Spring Attack will cast instantly. These two abilities together are a great way to first set up yourself in a good position and possibly stun your opponent and then hit them with a powerful blow. Another good way to remove the swing time on your Spring Attack is to use it after you use your basic attack three times in a row like this. This is a good way to get mana back on a boss and then get some damage in for some agro.

shield barrage tera lancer


For more than just preliminary info, and more detailed insight into TERA Lancer Skills and Abilities, please refer to this TERA Lancer Walk through.

TERA Lancer Skills & Abilities Walkthrough

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The fifth ability a lancer gets is called Shield Bash. This is stun ability and your only form of CC. This ability has a number of obvious uses, but I’ll go over the more significant ones. This ability has a long cool down and a small range, meaning that if you miss in landing on an opponent, you won’t get another chance to land it for a while. So, for me in PVP I use this stun after I get a small stun to proc a Shield Barrage. This guarantees it will hit and keeps my opponent from moving for a long period of time. Another good opportunity to use it is after you land a Leash which also temporarily stuns your opponent. I’ll go over Leash more when we get to that ability. In PVE this stun is very useful on bosses. It is a good way to stop them from moving around, so your party members can either get in position, recuperate from taking damage or stop the boss from using a powerful ability. During boss fights I tend to use my stuns on cool down, so that the boss is kept still as much as possible, allowing for my damaging abilities to maximize.

shield bash tera lancer skill

Next up is an ability called Charging Lunge, also known as Charge. This ability is good for getting into combat quick or moving a boss in the position at start. This is a lancer’s only mobility and escape ability. This is important to know what it can and can’t do. First thing to note is that while charging you run into an enemy, you will stop charging and use your basic attack ability. More importantly though is that if you cast this charge ability on a bunch of mobs or a boss this will allow you to pass through them. This is important because if you ever get stuck in a pile of mobs and need to get out because you’re being hit from behind, Charge will get you out. It isn’t as fast as other escapes, but it will allow you to get out of the mob piles and get them all in front of you again so you can block their attacks.

charing lunge tera lancer skill

Next ability I’m going to go over is Self Heal also known as Second Wind. This ability is extremely useful

second wind tera lancer skill

for solo on PVP but it isn’t too good against bands. It heals a small amount of hit points, so on PVP it’s a good idea to use this ability on cool down as a fairly long cool down of 60 seconds though. There are a number of times I’ve won duels by avoiding my opponent long enough to use this ability before running back in. As for bosses, though, this heals insignificant compared to the amount of damage a boss heals or a healer heals. In most cases you will end up taking more damage trying to cast this than you will if you’ll only use it when you’re sure it’ll be effective.

The next and ninth ability is the most important ability in your arsenal. This ability is called Challenging Shout and it is essentially your threat ability. This is what sets you apart from DPS, in turns of agro. This ability has a 10 second cool down, so make sure the rest of group is aware of how it works. If you’re pulling a large group of mobs, you wanna make sure all of them are in range before you cast it. Because if you miss mobs with it, it’ll be 10 seconds before you can taunt them and get them off of your healers, and 10 seconds can be a very long time. You’ll probably wanna familiarize yourself with the range on this taunt so you’ll know how close mobs and bands needs to be in order to actually get hit by this. Additionally, once you have threat, you’ll wanna continuously use this ability to make sure the aggro of the mobster stay on you. In group settings this will be all you cast aside utility abilities and Block because compared to other classes your damage will be very insignificant.

challenging shout tera lancer skill

Another thing to note about this ability is the cast time. It does have a cast time and it’s one of the few spells you can not cancel cast as a lancer using block, meaning once you start casting it, you’re committed to it for a few seconds. Because of this you have to make sure you time when you use this. Don’t use it when a BAM is about to attack you. It is particularly hard to use when you pull a large group of mobs because they won’t give you an opening to use it, but you get another ability I’ll go later that helps with situations like this.

The next ability you’ll get is called Onslaught, and it’s just like it sounds. It’s like Charge, but you don’t get a movement boost. You simply run forward attacking anything in front of you. Missing this attack makes you run off like Moran, so make sure you use it on something you sure will stay still or is large enough that you won’t accidentally slip around it because it’s a high damage ability, but the bulk of the damage comes at the end of the cast, thus using on an opponent that is smart enough to moves makes it useless. PVP it is good only to use this ability after you have landed the stun. In PVE it’s the same thing or use it on a BAM while it is knocked out. Note that in towns there’s no collision, so if you duel inside a city, this ability will completely useless. It relies on collision to do it’s damage completely.

tera lancer onslaught

The 11th ability you’ll get as a lancer is called Guardian Shout. This ability increases the endurance of all nearby party members by a large amount as long as you don’t get knocked down. This ability is good in PVP to use on someone who’s getting trucked. It’ll keep them alive, but in PVE it’s uses are limited given that the range on it is very small. It’ll only hit people near you, so it’s good to use it to protect melee on a BAM that are getting hit by it’s AOE abilities, but it’s unlikely that it’ll ever help archers or sorcerers, or healers that are far away from you.

12th on the list is every lancer’s favorite ability, Counter. This ability is usable after blocking any attack of any sort. You can retaliate on opponents instantly with two very powerful blows. This is your most effective way to do damage against bands while you’re tanking, because it hits very fast and very hard. While you’re casting it, you also take half damage, so it is less risky than using other abilities while you’re tanking.

The 13th and probably most important ability in your arsenal is a spell called Leash. It has two main uses. The first is for pulling smaller mobs or players towards you. Because lancers lack mobility, this is a great way to stop people or mobs from running away from you. In PVE, it can be used to get range mobs grouped up better or pull mobs into your taunt that are out of range. Against the bosses though, this leash will not pull them, instead it’ll interrupt them from doing a dangerous ability.

tera lancer leash skill

It is particularly effective dungeon bosses that all have special abilities or bands that have the ability to fly away. It’ll take forever to go over all the proper times to use Leash. Half of the fun of being a lancer is learning when to use Leash on bosses and when to not. An example would be to use it on a drake that starts flying into the air preparing to do a flame barrage. Hitting them with the Leash will bring them back down to the ground instantly. You’ll find that quite a few dungeon bosses have abilities where they can run to the center of the room and start doing dangerous stuff like self healing or summoning masses of mobs. You can interrupt them from using this ability by hitting them with chain. Timing your chain uses can make the difference between a kill and a wipe, so make sure you use it wisely. Next up is an ability called Debilitate, but it’s easier to just call this ability sunder armor. It’s stacks up to three times in a mob and increases the damage the enemy takes by lowering it’s endurance.

Try to keep this stacked up for the entire fight no matter what you’re fighting. As the damage increases quite significant means that the mob that much quicker. The debuff only lasts 12 seconds un-glyph so every lancer I’ve seen, including myself, glyph it to last up to 30 seconds. That way you aren’t forced to re-stack it as often.

For more than just preliminary info, and more detailed insight into TERA Lancer Skills and Abilities, please refer to this TERA Lancer leveling strategies.

TERA Lancer Skills and Abilities Overview

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The 15th ability lancer we’ll learn is called the Menacing Wave. This is AOE slow and though it sounds good this ability is surprisingtea lancer skills menacing wave very lack-luster. The movement speed component is nice in PVP and the attack speed debuff is useful against bands in tight situations or in large groups of mobs. But I’ve never found this ability changing the outcome of a fight as much as I thought it would.

Next up is your Iron Will ability. This is an amazing skill and tera lancer iron will skillpossibly the most over powered skill in your arsenal. It is basically a self shield that absorbs damage. It’s doesn’t absorb a lot of damage, but what makes this ability so good is it’s very short cool down. In PVE, this ability is good for pulling mobs so that your healer doesn’t have to worry about your health, at least not until you use your taunt. There are tons of other uses for this. For example, when you need to cast Challenging Shout on a group of mobs, you know you’re gonna have to lift up shield and take hits to cast the ability. It’s a good idea to pop Iron Will first and then taunt, to minimize the damage you take while you’re taunting before you get your shield back up.

We’re nearing ends now. The 17th ability is a an ability called Master Leash. This can only be used after you use your first leash. It’s on a longer cool down and it’s more of an oh shit Leash, if your first one misses or if you need to pull a second opponent in. I’ve noticed that using both Leashes in succession also generates a lot of threats, so you can use this to get agro back on a BAM, if it’s running loose and it’s too far away to get hit by Challenging Shout.

tera lancer lockdown blow The next ability is called Lockdown Blow. This attack has a largest range out of any lancer attacks and does significant damage to all opponents in front of you and it also slows their attack speed. This is an all around good spell, and it can be used in a number of situation in both PVP and PVE ports, damage and it’s slowing capabilities.

The last three abilities on the lancer list are all utility. First of the three is called Infuriate. This is your oh shit taunt. Unlike Challenging Shout this taunt guarantees you’ll be on top of the agro list for everything’s hit by it. If you die during a fight, get res’d and need threat back, you use this. It has a long five minute cool down though, so be careful with it.

pledge of protection-tera lancer skill The second of your last three utility abilities is a spell call Pledge of Protection. This is an amazing oh shit button for your party but not so much for yourself. This skill makes you take the damage of nearby teammates onto yourself which you can not block. In PVP, the good uses of this is to use it to save a healer when your enemies are going hard on them. In PVE it’s uses are limited. It’s good if you lose threat on something and have no way to get it back, you can use this ability to save teammates that do have threat and stop them dying.

And last but not least is a spell can Adrenaline Rush. This simply increases your attack speed for 20 seconds. Use it for a short burst of manna reg, with your basic attack in PVE, but in PVP numerous uses for the burst damage on an enemy which I’m sure you can figure out yourself.

That’s it for the lancer’s abilities and their uses. I’d go glyphs but I think this post is already long enough as it is. I’ll just say that as a lancer you want to focus glyph into Block, Leash, Taunt, Debilatate and Shield Bash. Here’s a link to drop some knowledge on all of your about Tera Lancer glyphs.

For more than just preliminary info, and more detailed insight into TERA Lancer Skills and Abilities, please refer to this TERA Online Lancer skill reference.

TERA Lancer Boss Fight

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Here’s an example of how to fight boss with TERA Lancer. For more gameplay recommendations and related content, check out this Tera Lancer manual.

TERA Lancer comes with a massive lance that seems to pierce even the strongest armor. Together with his heavy shield, TERA Lancer always are a leader in any fights. His gigantic shield protect both him and his teammate. Healers and supporters can provide full support to teammate without concerning much about the enemies with superb tank from Tera Lancer. When you plan to fight a boss, TERA Lancer must be the first choice of your team.

TERA Lancer Information

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Tera is a type of MMO or massive multi-player game created by En Masse and Bluehole studio. This is a game that takes a unique approach to combat. Players are able to pick up on various visual queses that will allow effective blocking and avoiding enemy attacks. The Tera Lancer is part of the defensive class and is super strong like a tank. However, serious damage an be inflicted by the Lancer in an attack. The use of a Tera Lancer Guide will aid you in learning various skills and available equipment.


Skills available for the Lancer include an assortment of defense, offense and support. However, most of the sills available to the Lancer are based on defense. Defensive skills will include the Shield Blow, Counter Strike and Shield. These skills are available to protect teams from sustaining damage. Provoking is also available as a skill which is done via taunting. This skill is used to entice an attach that is directed at the Tera Lancer. Study a Tera Lancer Guide to learn more about available skills. If your looking for a full on offensive character, your best bet would be to choose the close combat Tera Berserker or a raged DPS like the Tera archer.


The Lancer is primarily equipped with a shield. This is the main defensive piece of equipment which is available. However, the Lancer is heavily armored and can sustain a large amount of damage. Included on the shield is the lance and is the main offensive weapon. The use of the lance with the shield can cause a significant amount of damage. One thing to note is that the lance and the shield are one piece. When an attack is made using the Tera Lancer it will be from two fronts.

Additional Information

Attacks using the lance and the shield are typically slow but will cause significant amounts of damage to any of your opponents. Consult a Tera Online class guide to learn more about this type of class for all of the Tera massive multi-player games that you may want to play.

If you’re looking for more than just basic TERA Lancer information but actual reviews and advance information, visit TERA Lancer Skill and Abilities