TERA Lancer Skills & Abilities Guide

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tera lancer class

Hey guys. I decided to make a short post to teach you all about lancers. I’ll explain all their skills and the best ways to use them and go into glyphs a little bit. I went over a few of these abilities in my lancer guide. This one will be more guide oriented, so let’s get started.

As a lancer at level one, you’ll be given two initials abilities. The first one is called Combo Attack. This is your basic attack that restores mana. All classes have an attack that restores mana but lancer is unique in that there’s no horizontal swing unlike warriors, Berserkers and Slayers. This means that your target has to be directly in front of you, if you want to land the hit. The damage on hit is fairly low, but the mana gain is significant given that you attack three times rather than just once. It’s also worth mentioning that the more times you use this ability in a row, the more damage it’ll do up to three times. If you can use it three times consecutively, you should do so. The mana gains are also increased for each attack in a row up to the third time.

tera lancer combo attack

Your second ability that you start out with is called Stand Fast, also known as a Block. This ability makes you raise your shield up and protects you from all incoming damage from the front at the cost of mana per hit. It’s important to note that if mobs get behind you this ability will not work. It also drains mana more quickly based on the amount of damage you are blocking. The amount of damage you can block is relative to the amount listed on your current weapon.

tera lancer stand fast skill

Another thing you want to know about Block is it will block AOE spells that hit you even if the center of the spell is behind where you were blocking. Block also has a neat ability that is limited to very few abilities in this game. Where it allows quick casting. Quick casting is when you can cue up the ability to cast immediately after you cast another spell. For example, your Challenging Shout has a cast time, but you hit your Block ability before you finish casting your Challenging Shout. The minute Challenging Shout finish casting, Block will automatically cast for you without you having to time when you hit the button. Something even more unique about the Stand Fast ability or block is that it can cancel cast. If you are in mid attack using an ability and you wanna stop, you can hit your Block ability and it’ll stop what you’re doing and put your shield up. This is very important to know for lancers, if you get caught at a bad time and need the shield up for a boss’ attack.

tera lancer challengin shout

The ability you will learn is called Shield Barrage and is your first major damage attack. This attack is good because it has multiple effects. It’s important to note that the ability is usable twice in succession. It will move you forward slightly when used, so it is a good way to move around an opponent while still doing damage. The second thing to note is that the second hit on the ability is a chance to stun your opponent. The stun is short, but there are a few ways to capitalize on it. I’ll go into that when we go over the next few abilities.

The next ability you learn is your main damage ability as a lancer is Spring Attack, more commonly referred to as your power attack. This attack is exactly like your basic attack, only it hits a lot harder but has a longer swing timer. There are certain combos you can actually you can use to remove the swing time, however. The first and easiest way to remove the swing timer is by using the ability I just mentioned, the Shield Barrage. If you use Shield Barrage twice and then use Spring Attack, Spring Attack will cast instantly. These two abilities together are a great way to first set up yourself in a good position and possibly stun your opponent and then hit them with a powerful blow. Another good way to remove the swing time on your Spring Attack is to use it after you use your basic attack three times in a row like this. This is a good way to get mana back on a boss and then get some damage in for some agro.

shield barrage tera lancer


For more than just preliminary info, and more detailed insight into TERA Lancer Skills and Abilities, please refer to this TERA Lancer Walk through.